KAILASH (6741 m) is perhaps the most scared of the Holy Mountains in TIBET. Together with the two lakes of MANASAROVAR & RAKAS, the region is one of the few truly natural wonders of the world. Three of the orient’s greatest rivers; the BRAHMAPUTRA, the SUTLEJ, and the INDUS, all take their sources within a hundred kilometers of this ‘SNOW CAPPED JEWEL’ which attracted Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Bonpos from the four corners of Asia for centuries. MT. KAILASH – also known as TISE or KHANG RIMPOCHE ( Jewel of the snow), has since the time immemorial been celebrated in many eastern cosmologies as MT MERU, the axis mundi (the centre of the physical and metaphysical universe). For the Hindus, it represents the abode of Lord SHIVA and for the Buddhists, a terrestrial projection of the cosmic MANDALA of the FIVE DHYANI BUDDHAS & the Wheel of Life. Although the journey entails a long ride by Land cruisers over TIBET’s great western plateau through the region inhabited by few wild animals and only the occasional nomad, this existing tour involving four day trek with yaks in the remotest parts around MT KAILASH will offer the most fascinating experience on the ROOF OF THE WORLD.