BUMTHANG: is altitude 2800 meters and eight hours – 212 kilometers from Punakha.”Bumthang” directly translates as “bumpa-shaped valley”. “Thang” is valley or plain, and “bum” is an abbreviation of “bumpa”. This is one the most historic district and comprises four major valleys – Chokor, Tang, Ura and Chhumey. Most significant Buddhist sites are located nearby. The current bazaar or town is a single lane street of mostly wooden houses and the area called Chamkhar. There are plans to relocate the town. It’s  known as the most sacred district in the country because Guru Rinpoche healed a local king here and brought about the acceptance of Buddhism in Bumthang and subsequently the whole country. It has famous “nyes” (sacred sites) which pilgrims from all over the country visit. Bumthang is famous throughout Bhutan for its distinctive and brightly colored woven wool items called Yathra. Bumthang farms yield buckwheat, dairy products, honey and apples among other products.